Ingredients & Condiments

One of the best ways to be healthy and green is to make food from scratch. Why? You avoid preservatives, additives, crazy amounts of sodium that jack up your blood pressure by just looking at it, and things like modified X or dehydrated Y. For me, home made doesn’t mean I opened a bunch of different cans and mixed it together, I mean HOME MADE. I realize it’s a bit of work but many of the recipes posted here keep for quite some time in the cupboard, fridge or freezer. Tomato sauce, for example, is time consuming but relatively easy and you can make a TON of it at once and you can just keep a jar full in the freezer and take it out the morning before you want to make pasta.

Just search for the ingredient or condiment in the search engine on the top right hand corner. Be it “broth” for the recipe on it or “tomato” for all recipes with tomatoes.


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